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5 (2 hours ago)

17 (15 hours ago)
This photo was brought in to our Atrium event earlier this year. We have had one very similar on here I seem to remember but it wasn't this one. I think we dicided it was a darts event at Northrepps Country Cottage?

Steve Haines:

bottom left as you look at it is neville thurlte above him i think is les from smallburgh crwon (15 hours ago)

Clive Matthews:

Second from left middle row is Arnold Dixon then Dennny Flaxman from Trunch 2 (13 hours ago)

Janet Munro:

There appear to be several Trunch people - I often see Denny, he really hasn't altered all that much. 1 (12 hours ago)

Simon Thompson:

Michael Beane your mum middle front. (12 hours ago)

Pat Nearney:

Sponsored by S and M Supplies North Walsham -- see signs at rear of stage . 2 (12 hours ago)

Michelle Cutting Was Fox:

Dougie bobby is on the second row (12 hours ago)

June Smith:

Nigel page next to Dougie Bobby (11 hours ago)

Andrew Pike:

looks like neville thirtle front left end chair (10 hours ago)

Dave Musky Muskett:

A few Aylsham faces there and a scouser third from right front row 😁 (3 hours ago)

Billy Abel:

Nigel Risebrow Woodhouse..........Dennis Flaxman. (3 hours ago)

11 (3 hours ago)
Nativity time again - this time Knapton Parish Room - 1953.

Janet Munro:

Joyce and Derek Featherstone are in this picture. (2 hours ago)

14 (13 hours ago)
This was a friend of of my uncle he probably lived at Cats Corner Skeyton, it looks like first world war uniform, the name on the back is Cork Hooker is he anyones relation on the site.

Derby Hooker:

My father comes from Skeyton I will ask him when I see him 3 (12 hours ago)

John Tyrrell:

My uncles name was Alf Tyrrell, he lived in the Skeyton Road North Walsham in the 1940s/ 50s Then Warren Drive Mundesley until he died in 1994. 1 (12 hours ago)

Janet Blake:

My Grandmother came from Skeyton and her maiden name was Hooker. She had 4 sisters and 1 brother and he is buried in Skeyton Churchyard and he died in 1946. (12 hours ago)

Derby Hooker:

According to my father this is his half brother Geoffrey better known as Cork 5 (9 hours ago)

John Tyrrell:

Derby, that's very interesting I wondered who he was, my uncle was born in 1903 in Edmonton north London he used to stay at his gran's at Cats Corner for long period so he went to Skeyton when he was there. His father was born in the same house. (7 hours ago)

Derby Hooker:

My grandad died in 1946 and my grandmother died in 60/70’s they are both in Skeyton churchyard 1 (7 hours ago)

Derby Hooker:

His name was William and her name was Ellen 1 (7 hours ago)

Derby Hooker:

Janet Blake was your grandmothers name Emily? 1 (7 hours ago)

Janet Blake:

Yes Derby that is my Nan’s brother. Used to see your Auntie Dot and remember your Dad - my Mum’s cousins. 1 (7 hours ago)

Yvonne Carver:

My nan and grandad lived in skeyton both buried in the church yard....... I went to the school .... Rember taken the left over food from school dinner to the farm.. We wouldn't be aloud now 1 (7 hours ago)

Janet Blake:

No Derby she was Ellen and they used to call her Nellie. My Grandad was Frederick Howlett, although I don’t remember him as he died when I was very young. Nanny Howlett died in 1964. 1 (7 hours ago)

Kevin Woodhouse:

Ffs Derby Hooker he’s a ringer for strawbs look David Hooker 1 (6 hours ago)

Derby Hooker:

Janet l remember her living in oak road North Walsham her surname was then Woodams (6 hours ago)

Derby Hooker:

Sorry I meant my grandmother lived in oak road (6 hours ago)

John Tyrrell:

What, was your grans name Ellen, Derby? (6 hours ago)

Janet Blake:

I do remember your Grandmother- a lovely lady. She was William’s second wife and I would think Cork Hooker’s mother was his first wife who died and left quite a few children which your Grandmother Ellen looked after. (6 hours ago)

Gill Sidell:

Janet Blake did your Nanny later marry Mr Davison? (3 hours ago)

6 (2 hours ago)
North Walsham Infant School Nativity Play 1984-85

4 (2 hours ago)
North Walsham U12's Early 90's

16 (15 hours ago)
Another random photo I have found in our collection from photos handed in at The Atrium earlier this year. There is no information with this one at all. Can anybody give us any details, please :)

Desme Lines:

Looks like Tony Fiske in scout uniform might be when the German scouts came (15 hours ago)

Pauline Chapman:

What a fine array of don’t see knees like that anymore!! 😉 3 (14 hours ago)

Vernon R. Fiske:

Tony Fiske in middle (14 hours ago)

Vernon R. Fiske:

No middle! (14 hours ago)

Gill Sidell:

That would have been taken in North Walsham Woods, they had their Scout Hut there. We looked after the key. 1 (3 hours ago)

53 (8 hours ago)
Did somebody say snow?!
"The Seat" in Westwick woods on a snowy day in the 1960s. I shared this on here about 3 years ago and had the photo the wrong way around (Thanks James Plummer!) as it's quite disorientating with the open field in the background. This photo is looking down the road to Swanton Abbott coming off the Norwich Road.

Bridget Bowman:

How beautiful look at this Malcolm Vaughan (8 hours ago)

Chris Cork:

Just amazing (5 hours ago)

Vera McLean:

Love this part of the woids (5 hours ago)

Adrian Durrant:

I always remember the open field as woods (5 hours ago)

Debbie Tarrant:

Beautiful xx (5 hours ago)

Julie Venton:

So grown up now (5 hours ago)

Billy Abel:

Very 'Christmas Card'! (3 hours ago)

4 (10 hours ago)

Appeal to find missing man last seen leaving nightclub

Police are appealing for help to find a missing 20 year old man from Norfolk. Ian Tang was last seen at 2.30am on Sunday, December 10. He was last spotted leaving the KA club in North Walsham. Ian is described as Asian, with short brown hair and is approximately 5ft 8in tall. He also has a tattoo of...

Linda Neave:

Saw the police helicopter this afternoon... Hope he's found soon (3 hours ago)

25 (3 days ago)
An unusual view of King's Arms Street photographed by Geoffrey Humphrys in the 1980s. The building on the left has now gone completely and replaced with new build flats. I believe this was a betting office once?

Colin Self:

It was, indeed, the "bookies"! 2 (3 days ago)

Andrew Pike:

building on right i been in many times years ago as was friend of the family but they moved on, they have rooms downstairs like cellars very big house 1 (3 days ago)

Ronnie Mount:

I do remember going into the bookies, not to bet as i was only a kid at the time! (3 days ago)

Sonia Hambling:

Vic Azarra if I spelt it right 1 (3 days ago)

Sonia Hambling:

His wife's name was Nan Azarra if above 1 (3 days ago)

Patrick Pipe:

Ted underwood had a greengrocer shop here (3 days ago)

Sophia Farrow:

Blimey ! I can remember a music shop on ka street and debiphil and knobbies and a dentist , a dance shop . Insurance , carpet shop and tumblerwheel ! 3 (3 days ago)

Gill Abigail:

My Nan & Grandad (Ted Underwood) lived there in the forties/fifties and the shop part was a green grocery and I was born in the room above the shop. (3 days ago)

Tim Inder-Gray:

I wanted to buy the house on the Right when it was for sale a few years back, but I was overruled 😭 (2 days ago)

Pamela Botting:

Gerry Hawes owned the Betting shop was friends with his daughter Paula. (4 hours ago)

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