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67 (20 hours ago)
Cubitt & Walker, Ebridge Mill. 1992.
(copyright) Paul Damen.

Margaret White:

Bob Gray (20 hours ago)

Charles William Batchelor:

Great fun night times loading up the drivers lorries not much room under the meadow bins . Roy Yarham . Roy Wait & dinger would let me drive their lorries under whilst they opened the valves πŸ˜€ they all were a great bunch of guys & worked hard ! 2 (20 hours ago)

Billy Abel:

Such a shame it's all gone - a business with loads of history. 😒 (20 hours ago)

David Yarham:

Great times I think this truck was David Hooker pride 1 (20 hours ago)

David Yarham:

Charles William Batchelor can you just come and check this panel mate πŸ’£ (20 hours ago)

Charles William Batchelor:

Do you mean the 415volt control panel near the 8'x4' sheet of ply 😲😨 (20 hours ago)

David Yarham:

YepπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ””πŸ”š (20 hours ago)

Billy Abel:

Billy Batchelor.........HL - shut, N.W. Laundry - shut, Cubitt & Walker - shut, Heinz - shut................I think I'm begining to see a 'common thread' here? πŸ˜‰ (19 hours ago)

Sallie Stuckey:

I can remember going there getting feed and the bulker drivers delivering food. A great local farm 1 (19 hours ago)

Andy Millar:

I think my dad Eddie was transport manager there at the time.... (18 hours ago)

Charles William Batchelor:

He was . Hows he doing last time i saw him was at westwick (18 hours ago)

Roger Mitchell:

Strawberry always kept his lorry in 100% condition as he does now, what a pleasant sight to see him and his partner,s lorries always looking very smart around country!! 2 (16 hours ago)

Martin Skipper:

What state is building in near the public road? When i came that way last May it was fenced off. Has it been demolished? Been turned into flats?? (14 hours ago)

David Ling:

What memories! Great days!! 2 (13 hours ago)

Kevin Woodhouse:

David Hooker I believe I see the flash of a young ginger behind the wheel πŸ‘πŸ‘ 2 (11 hours ago)

Rob Billman:

First class πŸ‘Œ (10 hours ago)

Alister Wait:

Happy days.... 1 (9 hours ago)

David Yarham:

Alister Wait look at them 2 trouble makers on the left 1 (8 hours ago)

Perry Hampson:

Ivan Cane (8 hours ago)

Charles William Batchelor:

Never did understand the sign & cubitt walker ! (8 hours ago)

David Hooker:

Great days never thought I would have missed it so much 1 (8 hours ago)

Bob Gray:

A lot of happy memories (5 hours ago)

41 (1 day ago)

A career in caring - WISEArchive

I left school in the summer of 1958, I was 17. I’d always wanted to be a PE teacher, but there was no way my parents were ever going to be able to afford to get me through college. So I left school and I had no idea what I was going to do and …

Sharon Andrews:

Inspirational lady!!! 2 (1 day ago)

Tina Hickling:

Wow, that is so interesting! I always knew she was one interesting lady. What a useful life !Well done,....thankyou Wayne 2 (1 day ago)

Debbie Smurthwaite:

Thanks Janet that was well worth the read 2 (1 day ago)

June Bean:

That's some life !! 2 (1 day ago)

Liz Smith:

Very interesting. Loved reading about you Janet. 2 (1 day ago)

Rose Hubbuck:

What a lovely life story. Felt you were with her all the way. Best wishes 🌹 2 (1 day ago)

Jacqueline Owen:

Loved reading your story well done. 2 (1 day ago)

Elle Arterton-Munro:

My Mum :) <3 1 (1 day ago)

Mary Lewis:

That's my big Sis. :) xx 1 (1 day ago)

Sue Williamson:

Great story, thanks for sharing Janet 2 (1 day ago)

Liz Hepburn:

What an interesting life story! 2 (1 day ago)

Jennie Polyblank:

Brilliant and inspirational 2 (1 day ago)

Elizabeth Ann Daykin:

Well done Janet, lovely reading about your life, another Knapton girl. 2 (1 day ago)

Patricia Morris:

What a wonderful person - so much good done selflessly for others in a truly amazing life. Forget honouring pop stars and cyclists, handing out medals (for what?). It is people like Mrs Munro who give so much of themselves to their communities, and who hold out a hand in the ways that she did for those in need, are the ones who should be recognised and honoured by Queen and country. 4 (1 day ago)

June Bean:

I wonder how many other people in this part of Norfolk have led such interesting lives ! 2 (1 day ago)

Gaye Blake:

Janet , what a really lovely read. I never realised all this about you , how wonderful to read your amazing story xxx 2 (1 day ago)

Caroline Judd:

Thank you for sharing this. Over the years you will have made a difference to so many lives... kindness is never wasted 3 (1 day ago)

Janet Munro:

Thank you to everybody for your very kind comments - I'm nothing special, I was asked if I could say something about my working life and that's what I did and if you check out WISEArchive you'll find some really lovely stories from people who have led such interesting lives. 3 (1 day ago)

Gaye Blake:

You're our own Knapton special girl :) 1 (1 day ago)

Gill Sidell:

What an interesting life you have had Janet, people like you are the salt of the earth.Thank you for sharing.xx 1 (1 day ago)

Julie Fitches:

Lovely to read , my dad attended Eden hall when he was a boy 2 (23 hours ago)

Iris Clark:

Hello Janet .What an interesting life you have led .Well done .You have never met me or I you but when my Mum and Dad moved to Mundesley they became friends with you and always sang your praises .They were Arnold and Audrey Kerrison who lived at Munhaven Close .I can now see what they meant x 1 (15 hours ago)

Janet Blake:

Lovely to read your life story Janet. So interesting. Were Mr & Mrs Lockwood at Eden Hall when you were there? (11 hours ago)

Debbie Tarrant:

What a wonderful read xx 1 (9 hours ago)

63 (5 days ago)

Debbie Rowe:

Yep my little brother standing outside waiting to see a show...:). (5 days ago)

Bob Palmer:

Love this shot ! (5 days ago)

Leigh Caudwell:

Looks like a poster for Carry on Henry, makes this around 1971. 2 (5 days ago)

Paul Lankester:

The earliest I can remember is 1974 and stardust lol (5 days ago)

Debbie Reynolds:

Living in Trunch at the time, going to the cinema was the most exciting thing we ever did! Hey Debbie Rowe πŸ˜‰ 1 (5 days ago)

Wayne Beauchamp:

Going to the cinema is still one of the most exciting things I do! 1 (5 days ago)

Debbie Rowe:

Leigh Caudwell my brother was born in 1970 so it would be more like 1976 as he would have been around 6 at the time....:). 1 (5 days ago)

Karen Neil:

Oh my such good memories.Think I saw films I was not supposed to! I always remember black beauty but before they screened a blood thirsty horror film ! Then I watched Emmanuel when I was only 12! 1 (5 days ago)

Chris Seaman:

I remember seeing Jaws there. 1 (5 days ago)

Alan Willey:

We used to go every Friday night, never looked to see what was on, the actual film never mattered, it was more of a social event. 2 (4 days ago)

John Steele:

My earliest memories are of the Saturday morning Children's films, hundreds of children screaming at the screen to warn "Rocket Man" or "Lash Laroo" that "He's behind you!". The first evening performance I remember was Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock" and watching the local "Teddy Boys" dancing in the aisles. 2 (4 days ago)

Patricia Morris:

I remember being taken to a matinee here to see "Snow White" here-the first Disney one!!! Aged about 4 years old, screamed at the Wicked Queen and had to be taken out. (4 days ago)

Gill Sidell:

It was obviously fairly new when I first went, my mum loved he cinema and used to take me on the back of her was before I tried school, so was probably about 1943. (4 days ago)

Gill Sidell:

Started school even. (4 days ago)

Gill Sidell:

These would have been weekday matinees. Most all iof the cinemas in Norwich had continuous performance from morning until whenever they closed at night until at least the fifties. 1 (3 days ago)

John Steele:

I've just remembered going to the Regal (in 2's holding hands) from Manor Rd. School to see a "Technicolor" film of the Coronation in 1953. The film included the climbing of Everest for the first time and I still remember the wonderful full colour views of Everest. 3 (3 days ago)

James Howes:

My name Jim Howes I was the projectionist in 1955-6 and took a lot of flak from the customer, for films braking down, some of it my fault most of it machines. The manager then was DENNIS HICKS &MR DOORMAN. 3 (3 days ago)

Keith Hall:

Remember how cold it was in the winter. 1 (3 days ago)

Biddy Fisher:

Mr Dorman was the manager when I used to go but I can't remember any films I saw there in the mid 60s πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ (3 days ago)

Linda Johnson:

Sounds fun!! (3 days ago)

Colin Howes:

Some amazing films in the 60's Spartacus; Guns of Navarone; Tommy the Toreador; The 1966 world Cup Final; Sound of Music all the great Cowboys plus Elvis films Phsyco loads of Carry ons ......not to mention the hammer house horrors Sunday nights...wish we had kept the posters lol (3 days ago)

Diane Temple:

I worked there for a few years and it would have stayed open for much longer if the local hooligans had not decided to bust the seats and set small fires. The people who were genuine film fans just got fed up with the scum that ruined it for everyone and just stayed away. By the way, my husband was also the projectionist for a few years (10 hours ago)

35 (1 day ago)

Dew Diffren't:

The old door steps were still present in the pavement when I used to walk to school in the mid eighties, past the waste ground left at the site. (1 day ago)

Stephen Keen:

Yep I can remember this as a kid...... 2 (1 day ago)

Gina Bush:

My lovely Nan, God rest her soul lived in one of these. Happy memories spending time there with her& Grandad. X 1 (1 day ago)

Kevin Winn:

used to walk past there on my way to nwcp school in 1940's (10 hours ago)

1 (12 hours ago)
Mica Fitzgerald:

Phillip Swash (12 hours ago)

Susie Landamore:

Jonathon Gardiner (12 hours ago)

2 (2 days ago)
Kerry Howarth:

Lol curly watts was in coronation street....πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ 5 (2 days ago)

Debbie Tarrant:

Coronation Street Wayne 1 (2 days ago)

Hazel Fuller:

We had a curly Baines long while ago (2 days ago)

Hazel Fuller:

Do you think he heard wrong we also have a 'Kelly Watts'? (2 days ago)

Julia Browne:

I'll try and remember to ask my Dad when I see him next. πŸ˜ƒ 1 (2 days ago)

Elizabeth Ann Daykin:

Curly Watts lived in Knapton street, went to school in Knapton then onto North Walsham at the age of 14rs. 2 (2 days ago)

Brian Hedge:

What was curly,s Christian name also his sisters christian name 1 (2 days ago)

Elizabeth Ann Daykin:

Brian Watts, sorry missed it off. (2 days ago)

Elizabeth Ann Daykin:

Josephine, and brother Patrick. (2 days ago)

Wayne Beauchamp:

So would that make Curly Watts a relation of Gillian Watts (Shepherd) from Knapton? (2 days ago)

Elizabeth Ann Daykin:

Yes cousins. (2 days ago)

Wayne Beauchamp:

So funnily enough then I'm loosely related, via marriage, as my wife's name was Bev Watts, father Chris Watts, and part of that family. (2 days ago)

Elizabeth Ann Daykin:

I do'nt think so Gaye. 1 (1 day ago)

Elizabeth Ann Daykin:

I went through a lot of them with Brian but could not find any of our family on it, lots of people from my class, not me. (1 day ago)

Kim Payne:

It was Coronation Street actually 😊 (15 hours ago)

19 (22 hours ago)
Found this North Norfolk News 1995 when I was going through some books, nice dress Martin.

Tammy Palmer:

Look dad! Ro Martin Colman it's your queen of hearts dress πŸ˜ƒ 1 (22 hours ago)

Karen Barnett:

Little baton twirler is Bethany Blake (nee ellis) I do believe :) x (21 hours ago)

Wayne Beauchamp:

Is that Paul Turner and Jack as the teddy boys? 1 (21 hours ago)

Julie Covell:

I recognise the mini van at front ! (21 hours ago)

David Covell:

My mini van there which I still haveπŸ™‚ 1 (20 hours ago)

Mica Fitzgerald:

Terri Marie u and sophie :) 1 (18 hours ago)

Sophie Southall:

Sophie Southall Sally Rodgers 'woodruff' x 1 (13 hours ago)

60 (2 days ago)
1990 North Walsham Laundry.

Thanks to Paul Damen for sending me this photo.
(copyright Paul Damen)

Billy Abel:

Jean Cushion? 1 (2 days ago)

Julie-ann Smith:

Auntie Jean looking good xx Donna Jayne Mortimer 1 (2 days ago)

Donna Jayne Mortimer:

Thanks Julie will definitely show Kev :) xx (2 days ago)

David Turner:

Mrs Cushion used to live corner Morris road now lives in Melbourne road I think 2 (2 days ago)

Janet Munro:

I worked there in the summer holidays - 1955/6 (2 days ago)

Kevin Bishop:

Worked there as a delivery driver from 1985-95 probably the most enjoyable job I have done😜 3 (2 days ago)

Tracey Lee:

Worked with Jean for many years ,a lovely lady xx 8 (2 days ago)

Carol Margaret Oconnor:

I worked with Jean too ,brilliant photo . (2 days ago)

Linnette Reynolds:

I worked there too sometime between 1985-88 it must of been...yes we used to have a laugh (1 day ago)

Sarah Yarham:

Had some great times worked with some great people x 2 (1 day ago)

Ian Budgie Wright:

Good times ☺ as a van boy and Saturdays cleaning hey Gary Hipperson πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ 2 (1 day ago)

Sarah Plummer:

Bring back some amazing memories. Worked with some amazing people and sadly some are no longer with us x 1 (1 day ago)

Shaun Barnes:

Summer job in 91/2 On the vans collecting restaurant linen, soiled sheets from hemsby and poop from the old people's homes! Plus 6 months of hospital linen with the odd bone and blood clot thrown in! Character building!!!!! (1 day ago)

Angie Claxton:

I knew Jean too. My mum Joan Hughes worked here for many years. I also worked here mostly summers 1984-87 2 (22 hours ago)

Donna Jayne Mortimer:

I asked my Son who's this lovely lady? & he didn't recognise his own Nanny bless him lol xx (20 hours ago)

Charles William Batchelor:

Great place to work . The ladies were lovely even mother in law lol . John sterling production manager . Ron gibbs . Even mr Tom Watson laughed sometimes πŸ˜€ 3 (20 hours ago)

Lisa Brown:

I loved working there πŸ˜† (13 hours ago)

8 (2 days ago)
John Steele:

Is there anywhere I can take photos for you to copy now? I found you do not have a copy of my Paston School 1961 photo plus I have some others. (19 hours ago)

96 (6 days ago)
Town Station bridge on the Norwich Road, not the bypass. c1950.

Bob Palmer:

Many a car drowned in that dip under the bridge after heavy rain ! 3 (6 days ago)

Lyn Battrick:

Great photo, no silly little roundabout then. 2 (6 days ago)

John Starling:

The one the digger hit 3 (6 days ago)

Dave Drake:

Nice view of the Bull corner 1 (6 days ago)

Billy Abel:

Nice Photo - not seen this one before. (6 days ago)

John Starling:

Simple t junction my dad used too get a 29 seater coach out of little loke next too sparlings clothes shop on too that junction 3 (6 days ago)

Rose Hubbuck:

My friends got caught in a flood there a few years ago, and had to be rescued. (6 days ago)

Colin Howes:

Remember sitting in the Bull on a Saturday night waiting for the Cromer Links bus ......happy days lol 4 (6 days ago)

Colin Wright:

Think I went on a different bus to the links from out in the sticks, wouldn't have a free bus nowadays 1 (5 days ago)

Russell Sparke:

Remembering question from a lady on Saturday asking how Cromer Road was crossed by M & GN joint railway to Mundesley I went on me bike also foot yesterday along footpath at left of by-pass which takes you through wooded scrubland etc. past Norfolk Drive on your left up to Cromer Road.A brief sortie into Norfolkman Drive where I met no-one then down Cherry Tree Lane where I made conversation with a gentleman with local knowledge who confirms that a railway bridge crossed Cromer road near an original house before rest of NM drive was built on and he recalls trains passing there on the linkline which was known as Antingham road link I believe before crossing the bridge This as they say on Wikipedia is up for editing! (1 day ago)

Billy Abel:

Russell Sparke There was a signal box next to the Cromer Road bridge - laundry side and basically opposite Mace the builders offices (which may have even been someone's house back then?).
Maurice Hovell's Father worked as a signalman in the box at this end of the (Legendary ) 'Antingham Road Junction' and I believe the family lived at the gatehouse on the Tungate Road? Maurice has posted some photos of the signal box on here and are well worth looking at.
Going back in years, and further up the 'crossover' line onto the existing railway, there was another signal box situated near the bridge on the Aylsham Road - again, I think (?) this was laundry side. This one was taken down a while before the one on the Cromer Road end - I have no idea why it was removed, maybe technology made it redundant?
Again, some time back there was a cracking quality photo of the Aylsham Road signal box posted on here and well worth searching for.
Maybe these photos are worthy of a repost Wayne Beauchamp. 1 (1 day ago)

Bob Wright:

This may help visualise the places described in posts above 2 (1 day ago)

Billy Abel:

That's really neat Bob, shows position of 'crossover' line at Antingham Road Junction, the signal boxs I referred to, signal posts, and intetestingly a water tank among other things.
Also, it gives you a good idea of where the Skeyton Road originally ran (straight through) before the Melton Constable line was built - thereafter New Skeyton Road was created.
I've yet to see a photo of the crossings on Station Road or Tungate Road but I'm sure they exist? (1 day ago)

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