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North Walsham Glass Prints

North Walsham Glass Prints

North Walsham Glass Print

We're regularly asked if it's possible to obtain printed copies of North Walsham photos from our archives. We have printed copies for people but they take a lot of time and effort on our part to produce quality copies and as we're all volunteers with busy lives this isn't a service we generally offer. We therefore thought it might be worth talking to a third party who do this sort of thing as a service and direct interested parties to them. Creative Waves are a local company who print direct to glass and frame the prints. These evocative of the glass plates which our older photos are scanned from in the first place, 10" x 8" and make very unusual beautiful gifts.

View Creative Waves Glass Prints shop page here.

The North Walsham and District Community Archive make no money from these prints and this is just a recommendation because we feel it may be of interest to the public. We will, however, be pleased to supply photos direct to Creative Waves so they can print your glass print direct from our original files.