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Crosskeys Hotel, North Walsham - North Walsham Photograph

Crosskeys Hotel, North Walsham

(1949 to 1953 / North Walsham, Norfolk)

The Cross Keys Hotel
This photograph was taken (on delayed action, by R.E.R.Ling who is standing in the left foreground) around 1947 and shows the Cross Keys Hotel when it was supplying beers from Trunch Brewery (between 1939 & 1952).The Cross keys was one of the towns oldest public houses. In 1604, Robert Wall received a licence to keep an ale-house on the site. In 1787 an advertisement appeared promoting "Cocking (cock-fighting) at the sign of the Cross Keys.between the gentlemen of Aylsham and North Walsham".. "15 mains and 4 byes to fight for 5 guineas a battle and twenty guineas the odd battle". Around this time, the pub formed part of the Oaks estate and its land extended, past stables, to an area that became its bowling green, then, later, a cattle market. Both the cattle market and the Cross Keys closed in the 1970s. The Cross Keys building was bought by Woolworths who, at that time, were trading in what is now Martins newsagents on Church Street. By 1977 the building was let. Market Cross Insurance occupied the public bar in the foreground and the further door led to Barry Holdens "Allsorts", a gift shop, and Barrys Tackle Box, selling fishing equipment.Woolworths renovated the building around 1980 and traded there until the companys demise in January 2009.

Photograph. Crosskeys Hotel, North Walsham (North Walsham Archive).

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