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  • 2018 North Walsham Archive Calendar Sponsors
    Thanks to the following local businesses for sponsoring this edition and making it possible... Just North Walsham . Proud to support local groups & clubs. Cafe Kitale . Modern ca...
  • A history of North Walsham in street names
    The history of any town is woven in to its street (and place) names, North Walsham is no different. Some names are ancient and we can only explore possible origins, others are more modern and in livi...
  • Essential North Walsham Books
    Essential North Walsham Books North Walsham by John Dixon Published in the 1930s   North Walsham Past and Present S. Emerson, M. R. Granger and R. S. Joby Published in 1975 by...
  • Memories of North Walsham Girls' High School
    This article was submitted by Gillian Shephard (nee Watts) pupil North Walsham Girls' High School 1951...1958 to a collection of reminiscences published in 1982. When you look back to school days aft...
  • Memories of North Walsham in the early thirties by
    Memories of North Walsham in the early thirties by Margaret Bowles (formerly Ramm, née Brady, aged 94 at the time of publication - February 2018) (Early 1930s / North Walsham, Norfolk) I...
  • Memories of Westwick
    Memories of Westwick by Barbara Eldred PREFACE It has given me great pleasure to edit and write a preface to this little book "Memories of Westwick ". Miss Barbara Eldred loves the village in ...
  • Norfolk Fair - February 1975
    Extract from "Norfolk Fair" magazine - February 1975   NORTH WALSHAM LETTER by Elisabeth Newson Boredom is the enemy of retirement, especially to the man who has led an active life, me...
  • Norfolk Fair - July 1976
    Extract from "Norfolk Fair" magazine - July 1976 Town Talk Things are happening at North Walsham... There is a lot going on in North Walsham at the present moment. At long last a start has been ...
  • Norfolk Fair - September 1971
    Extract from "Norfolk Fair" Magazine published September 1971. NORTH WALSHAM TOWN TALK by Jack Maddison Secretary of the North Walsham & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce. At ...
  • Norfolk Fair - September 1974
    Extract from "Norfolk Fair" Magazine - September 1974 QUITE A LOT HAS happened in our town since my last Letter. We have formed a North Walsham Society which is affiliated to the Norfolk Society a...
  • North East Norfolk Country Churchman Centenery Mag
    North East Norfolk Country Churchman Centenery Magazine 1875-1975 Editorial The North East Norfolk Country Churchman' magazine committee's enthusiasm for this Centenary Issue has proved quite...
  • North Walsham 1875 - 1975
    "North East Norfolk Country Churchman Centenery Magazine 1875-1975" FROM THE PARISHES NORTH WALSHAM 1875-1975 In 1875 North Walsham was a small market town with a population of 2,842 people...
  • North Walsham and District Community Archive Home
    Welcome to the website for the North Walsham & District Community Archive group. With almost 900 pictures and supporting information this website charts the history of the Norfolk market town o...
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  • North Walsham Carnival - July 9th 1995
    North Walsham Carnival 1995 Also includes... North Walsham Town VJ Day service at North Walsham Park 19/08/1995
    North Walsham Past and Present. Published 1975. NORTH WALSHAM FARMING & LAND USE North Walsham harvesting 1943   Farming in North Walsham parish, as Domesday and the market ...
  • North Walsham Glass Prints
    North Walsham Glass Prints We're regularly asked if it's possible to obtain printed copies of North Walsham photos from our archives. We have printed copies for people but they take a lot of ...
  • North Walsham in 1880
  • North Walsham in 1890
    <h2>North Walsham in 1890</h2>
  • North Walsham in 1900
  • North Walsham in 1910
  • North Walsham in 1920
  • North Walsham in 1930
  • North Walsham in 1940
  • North Walsham in 1950
  • North Walsham in 1960
  • North Walsham in 1970
  • North Walsham in 1980
  • North Walsham in 1990
  • North Walsham mid 19th Century
    Extract from " North Walsham in the nineteenth century " The Historical Research Group of the North Walsham W.E.A. Edited by Pam Warren. Chapter 1 THE TOWN IN THE MID 19th CENTURY: TRADES AND O...
  • North Walsham News
  • North Walsham Past & Present
    NORTH WALSHAM PAST & PRESENT S. Emerson B. Sc. M. R. Granger B. A. R. S. Joby M. Sc. (Econ.) Published 1975 @icons@
  • North Walsham Tag Map 1
    North Walsham and District Community Archive Tag Map. paston school college paston-school grammar-school-road sixth-form education nelson drawing sketch market-street feat...
  • North Walsham Tag Map 2
    thrupenny-bit-cottages tollgate-cottages old-car cottage-hospital war-memorial bicycle bike-road burrell craske jobmaster carrier horse-and-cary thelma-london second-world-...
  • North Walsham Workhouse
    North Walsham Workhouse The old workhouse on  Mundesley Road has often been asked about via our facebook group and via this website so I thought I'd share this text from the book " North Wal...
  • Official Guide to North Walsham 1955
    OFFICIAL GUIDE TO NORTH WALSHAM Produced by the Publicity Committee of the NORTH WALSHAM & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF TRADE & COMMERCE with the authority of the NORTH WALSHAM URBAN ...
  • Personal Recollections of North Walsham
    This section of the website features personal recollections of life in North Walsham and the surrounding villages. Personal recollections of days gone by are a great asset to the archive as well a...
  • Personal Recollections of North Walsham from Russe
    Thanks to Russell Sparke ( a member of our committee) who has taken the time to write down his memories of the area where he grew up around the second world war time. Memories of my early environm...
  • Recollections of North Walsham by Donny Farrow
    Recollections of North Walsham by Donny Farrow Documented by Russell Sparke Some recollections by Donny Farrow of a part of North Walsham of his childhood and what he has since learned as tol...
    North Walsham Past and Present. Published 1975. THE NORTH WALSHAM & DILHAM CANAL Ten years before this canal received its Act, Arthur Young wrote: "Without coal mines, or a great demand f...
  • The Remarkable Occurrence at North Walsham
    The Remarkable Occurrence at North Walsham: The Story and an Investigation by Ron Fiske. The Remarkable Occurrence, herein described, took place in the Norfolk Market Place town of North Walsham ...
  • When Death stalked a North Walsham Stage
    When Death stalked a North Walsham Stage (A True Story) Extract from "The Christmas Dragon" Christmas 1943 A Miscellany devised & compiled by soldiers of a battalion of The Royal Berkshi...
  • World War II Letter from Frances in North Walsham
    This isn't from the press but it seemed like the best section to add this into for now. A letter sent from Frances to her Dad on 24th June 1940 from North Walsham. Thank you to Helen Eales for contri...